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Judge Lance Ito is pleading with TV networks to hold off airing interviews with Faye Resnick -- the confidante of Nicole Brown Simpson whose book says O.J. often beat Nicole and once threatened to kill his ex-wife. In a letter to three TV programmers, Ito asked them to look into their consciences, "corporate and otherwise," to cooperate until after the jury in this case has been selected and sequestered -- around the first week of November. Ito faxed the letter to talk-show host Maury Povich, CNN's Larry King and CBS News president Eric Ober after abruptly cutting off jury selection yesterday so that both sides could review the book. Povich, whose interview with Resnick airs Friday, has already said no, claiming that his show won't hamper efforts to pick a jury. CBS said it would air more of a Connie Chung interview with Resnick Thursday, but CNN said King's chat would be delayed.