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Lieut. General Raoul Cedras and General Philippe Biamby left Haiti by plane for a U.S.-arranged exile in Panama, while 23 relatives and associates of the former junta leaders touched down in Miami for possible permanent residence here. That's not an option for Cedras and Biamby, who "will not be allowed to come to the United States . . . ever," said White House press secretary Dee Dee Myers. The ex-capos' old cronies won't have it so rough, however; the White House said today it would release the assets of 600 junta backers still in Haiti, frozen for three years under U.S. sanctions. BTW: Cedras, who complained that he won't have enough money to live, isn't going entirely empty-handed. As a way to get him to leave, the State Department said, the U.S. agreed to rent the general's three houses in Haiti and send the money to his bank account in Panama.