Many Religious Leaders (Except for Franklin Graham) Support Mosque

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From left: Getty Images; Seth Wenig / AP; Corbis

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4. Harold Attridge, dean of Yale Divinity School
Attridge was key to the "Common Word Between Us and You" project in 2007, a groundbreaking initiative between Muslim leaders overseas and Christian leaders in the U.S. to discuss points of theological unity between Islam and Christianity. And Yale has a leading interfaith program involving students with a range of theological and religious views.

• "We need to begin by recognizing that it was not the whole Muslim world that crashed into the Twin Towers on Sept. 11. It was a small fanatical group within Islam, and I think we need to stop demonizing the whole of the Islamic world because of the actions of Islamic radicals. I hope this project will go forward."

• "Not all Christians should be judged by the actions [of the man in Florida who organized the Koran burnings], the same way we should not judge all Muslims by the actions of the Islamic terrorists."

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