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One of the nation's two campaigns by openly gay candidates for statewide office has put homosexuality on the ballot. Guy Molinari, borough president of Staten Island -- a suburban, Republican stronghold in otherwise overwhelmingly Democratic New York City -- caused a statewide furor when he said yesterday on television that he didn't think Empire State voters would give the nod to Karen Burstein for attorney general because she was a lesbian. Today, in an interview with TIME Daily, he went further, suggesting that Burstein's lesbianism will have an effect on how she conducts herself as attorney general. Burstein, he claimed, might try to ease the restrictions on consensual sodomy and marriages between same sex partners. A Burstein campaign official called Molinari "an erratic nut." BTW: Burstein is expected to win, big, making her the first "out" lesbian to hold a statewide office in the U.S. The other campaign? It's for the California Secretary of State, and the candidate's sexuali