The Five Most Overrated Blogs of 2010

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From the savvy to the satirical, the eye-opening to the jaw-dropping, TIME makes its annual picks of the most overrated blogs.

FAIL Blog:
The world is full of failure — like the newspaper ad that dumbly says "Click Here" at the bottom of the page — and that's the guiding principle of FAIL Blog. In fact, if things seem to be going too perfectly in your world you can log on to FAIL Blog and wallow in mistakes of all kinds since the Blog is an open-source clearinghouse of flubs and fiascos. After being purchased by Pet Holdings Inc. in April 2008, the site has won its share of Webby Awards. But as time goes by, what originality or distinctive voice can FAIL Blog provide to keep visitors coming? After all, stupidity wears thin after a while. The blog is almost entirely dependant on user generated content, and as soon as those users shift their attention — and submissions — to another flap-based Internet wonder, the party's over. Or in other words: FAIL Blog fail.

The Big Lead:
Lacking the zip of Deadspin or the passion of smaller sites, The Big Lead is comprehensive in its coverage without being all that much fun. But what used to be the sports blog project of anonymous friends when it was founded in 2006 is now big business — founder Jason McIntyre (his identity was eventually revealed by Sports Illustrated) just sold The Big Lead for a sum "in the low seven figures" according to the New York Times.

Perez Hilton:
Mario Lavandeira's oasis of gossip has always lagged behind competitors on the big scoops, but in the past year it has skewed too foul and vulgar even for the celebrity-obsessed set. The recent flap over the tweeted Miley Cyrus photo, which many believed depicted an exposed 17-year-old stepping out of her car — in fact, it didn't — was the icing on the cake. Lavandeira, who proudly boasted about the stunt and said he'd post the Cyrus photo again in a second, has made it clear time and again that he considers all publicity to be good publicity — and takes pride in being the pundit who pushes the envelope and sparks the scandal. Clearly there's a huge online market for celebrity takedowns — within reason. But Perez Hilton crossed that threshold a long, long time ago.

Mashable: Mashable, I love you. I really do. But you leave me wanting more sometimes. To be fair, Mashable does a lot of things, covering everything from social media (really well) to entertainment, viral videos and gadgets (less capably.) They're masters of writing the Twitter and Facebook-friendly headline that always gets the click — but the articles themselves sometimes are a let down. Still, it's tough to argue the site isn't a huge success. The mix of consumer-friendly news, how-tos and viral videos is ever-expanding... hopefully the site's voice will grow in stride with it.

The Daily Kos: There was a time when Daily Kos used to be the source of cutting-edge and, well, cutting political commentary online. Not so much anymore. Markos Moulitsas and crew were called out on our Overrated list from the 25 Best Blogs of 2009 but nothing, not even the oil spill or the faltering war in Afghanistan, has really catapulted anything on the Daily Kos into the national consciousness. We're putting them on notice again for another year, in the hopes this once-great blog can find its voice anew.