1968 Revisited: Students Drive Amok

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In "Animal House," the frat boys take revenge on a dean by ramming him with their “Deathmobile.” A suspiciously similar jalopy turned up on campus last week after Dartmouth College president James Wright announced his intention to tame the fraternities that inspired the film.

The car, a Mazda 929 covered with painted plywood, hovered around campus during Winter Carnival, where Wright made an appearance. But instead of ramming anyone, the students took an off-campus joyride. Officer Graham Baynes, who pulled them over, was obviously a toga-party fan. “The car violated New Hampshire law,” says Baynes. “I told them the modifications they needed to make.” Such is the state of student revolt these days, the pranksters popped out of the sunroof and meekly attached red bandannas to the vehicle’s fins.