Here Come the Impeachment Spin-offs

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Now that the impeachment trial is finally drawing to a close, what's to be done for an encore, before the whole show bows out of Washington and goes into the syndication of history? Apparently, a feverish round of postmortems and you-were-there exclusives.

Special Report Expect to see Linda Tripp tell her tale on NBC's "Today" show Friday -- and then, in case you miss it, watch her again Monday, this time on CNN's "Larry King Live." Waiting in the wings is Monica Lewinsky herself, who has agreed to speak to ABC's Barbara Walters as soon as Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr grants her permission. Though nothing's been scheduled yet, don't be surprised to see various postmortems by the House managers and White House representatives. Eventually, it will all go away... until the books come out. But you don't have to buy them if you don't want to.

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