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American intelligence agencies, notably the CIA, last year allegedly helped launch the same terrorist police organization whose headquarters U.S. troops raided on Monday, according to a story to be published Friday in the liberal weekly the Nation. The article says the leader of the right-wing group FRAPH, Emmanuel Constant, was once an employee of the Central Intelligence Agency and quotes him as saying U.S. officials wanted a force "that could balance" exiled President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's pro-democracy movement. Senior White House officials today told TIME Defense correspondent Mark Thompson there was no U.S. sponsorship or funding of FRAPH, but they admitted Constant was an informer on the CIA payroll until a few months ago -- an arrangement that by itself is "not a big deal," Thompson says. Details aside, the CIA has not been particularly warm to Aristide: last year the agency floated a report that claimed the priest was mentally ill. President Clinton said he didn't believe