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Lieut. General Raoul Cedras and General Philippe Biamby, the two Haitian coup leaders left after police chief Michel Francois fled Monday night, wept at the funeral for 10 junta "attaches" killed Sept. 24 in a shootout with U.S. Marines. U.S. officials ignored the ceremony, while pro-democracy Haitians helped U.S. soldiers track down army-allied gunmen who had terrorized neighborhoods since the junta seized power in 1991. Francois, who engineered the coup but slipped away to a comfortable house in the neighboring Dominican Republic, left behind a letter that reproaches the other two capos for striking an agreement with former U.S. President Jimmy Carter: "I believe fervently that the leaders of the army had the fundamental duty to defend, above all, the higher interests of the country," it reads in part. "We have to recognize that in that sense history will have much to reproach our generation for."