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It took just two hours for a Pensacola, Florida, jury to convict former minister Paul Hill of violating the new federal abortion-clinic access law by shooting an abortion doctor and his bodyguard. He was also convicted of one federal firearm charge. Hill, acting as his own attorney, had played martyr in arguing the June 29 murders of Dr. John Britton and James Barrett were justifiable -- calling no witnesses, cross-examining no one and supplying burning rhetoric in lieu of evidence. His closing statement today: "This government is unjust because it does not protect innocent life. To the extent we take part in this evil, we must answer to God. May God help us all." The first person convicted under the access law, which forbids injuring or otherwise interfering with people entering abortion clinics, the 40-year-old Hill faces a possible life term. But first he'll stand trial in state court Jan. 30 on murder and attempted murder charges that could land him in the electric chair.