AMA Makes Peace With Its Former Journal Editor

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Eyebrows were raised last month when the American Medical Associaton fired the editor of its journal for publishing a sex survey that coincided with President Clinton's impeachment trial. And eyebrows were again raised this week when the AMA reinstated Dr. George Lundberg as a contributor to the prestigious medical journal. Neither the AMA nor Dr. Lundberg elaborated on the reasons for the reconciliation, but TIME medical columnist Christine Gorman found the incident "interesting."

Last month, she points out, "the AMA called the sex article inappropriate and an interjection of politics into medicine. Now the AMA reaches a new agreement with Lundberg and issues a glowing statement about his accomplishments. It leaves you wondering whether they are talking about the same man." Since the firing, the AMA has come under strong criticism from some in the medical profession who believe the incident has compromised the journal's editorial independence. Whatever the reasons for the AMA's change of heart, the whole episode is yet another indication of how far the unpredictable ripples of impeachment have gone beyond the basin of Washington politics.