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Stocks were mixed while bond prices fell on Monday as investors reacted to more news of a robust economy. The National Association of Purchasing Managers reported that its index of manufacturing growth climbed to 58.2 in September, from 56.2 in August. Any reading over 50 shows the economy is expanding. The index now stands at its highest level in six years, as factories strain to keep up with demand. What worries economists the most, however, is that the NAPM's index of the prices manufacturers pay for materials rose to 77.1, also the highest level in six years. That's a sign of inflation down the road, which makes it all the more likely that the Fed will boost rates for a sixth time this year. On Wall Street, the markets waffled, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average up a meager 3.70 points to 3846.89 while the S&P 500 dipped 0.97 to 461.74. NASDAQ stocks fell 3.41 to 760.88. But bond prices nosedived, driving the yield on the benchmark 30-year Treasury up to 7.86%, from 7.81% on F