Vernon Jordan Explains Himself -- and Others

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WASHINGTON: Scare Jordan? Not too likely. The Beltway kingmaker and Clinton pal has been over his story -- as Vernon Jordan himself intoned after one grand jury appearance -- "over and over and over again." But TIME White House correspondent Jay Branegan says this time the House managers have something up their sleeves: Monica's version of events -- and the President's -- to wave in Jordan's stoic face. "For all the times he appeared, he was never examined after the two key players testified," he says. "Not to mention how Jordan's story, to say the least, evolved over the course of his testimony -- there are opportunities for the prosecutors to make all kinds of mischief here." What, if any, mischief was baked in a Capitol room usually used for top-secret military briefings was very much under seal even after Jordan finished up Tuesday afternoon.

Special Report Also under wraps: What Monica said -- or didn't say -- (unfortunate New York Post headline of the week: "Monica Zips Her Lips") in testimony Monday. Even Republicans are saying there's no more there there, and doubt she will be called on as a live-before-the-Senate witness. If House manager Asa Hutchinson -- stopping after testimony only to issue a brief statement that he would meet with the other 12 managers to determine if they would push for any more witnesses -- has any more use for Jordan, he's not saying.