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Chernoff & Alford / Courtesy Law Firm Stradley / Reuters

Dr. Conrad Murray, personal physician for Michael Jackson, speaks in a video posted on YouTube by his attorneys on Aug. 18

The role of Dr. Conrad Murray has been the subject of nearly nonstop speculation since shortly after the death of Michael Jackson. The cardiologist — Jackson's personal physician — told investigators he was responsible for giving the pop singer a potent drug cocktail on June 25, culminating with a dose of 25 milligrams of the prescription sedative propofol — the drug the coroner's preliminary reports indicated killed Jackson. Authorities have already searched Murray's clinics, and with reports that investigators now consider Jackson's death a homicide, the speculation around Murray is only intensifying further.

Fast Facts
• Born Feb. 19, 1953, in Grenada, where he was raised by his grandparents. Married to Blanche, his second wife.

• Currently lives in Las Vegas.

• Graduated from Meharry Medical College in Nashville in 1989. Licensed to practice medicine in Texas, California and Nevada.

• Performed his medical fellowships in Arizona and San Diego.

• Founded Global Cardiovascular Associates in 2000 in Las Vegas. Operates a second practice in Houston.

• Filed for bankruptcy in 2002 while living in California.

• Had accumulated more than $44,000 in tax liens by 2003, owed to both California and Arizona.

• Met Michael Jackson in 2006, when Murray treated one of Jackson's children in Las Vegas.

• Reportedly received $150,000 month to be Jackson's personal physician.

• Told investigators he found an unconscious Jackson in bed on the night of Jackson's death and unsuccessfully performed CPR on the singer before he died.

• Waited 82 minutes before calling paramedics, according to unsealed investigation documents. Murray disputes the timeline, saying the actual wait was only 10 minutes.

• Had his Houston clinic searched by federal investigators on July 22, followed searches of his Las Vegas house and clinic on July 28.

Quotes By:
"Because of all that is going on, I am afraid to return phone calls or use e-mail. I recorded this video to let you know I have been receiving your messages ... I want to thank all of my patients and friends who have sent such kind e-mails, letters and messages to let me know of your support and prayers for me and my family."
— In a YouTube video filmed in response to speculation over his role in Jackson's death

Quotes About:

"[The Jacksons] didn't know the doctor ... He should have met with the family, given them comfort on the last hours of their son."
— The Rev. Jesse Jackson, speaking at a press conference on behalf of the Jackson family on June 29

"A big spotlight is on Dr. Murray. But it's not the only spotlight we're going to see."
— Attorney Brian Oxman to TIME on July 23, talking about the probable direction of the investigation into Jackson's death

"I looked forward to going to see him because he was very warm, very good-hearted. He's not getting a fair shake at this. He's the most beautiful man you would ever know."
— Ex-patient Donna Digiacomo to People, Aug. 1

"Much [of the information] is police theory. Most egregiously, the timeline reported by law enforcement was not obtained through interviews with Dr. Murray, as was implied by the affidavit."
— Murray's lawyer, Edward Chernoff, in response to leaked information from the investigation of Jackson's death, Aug. 25