Larry's Watching, but Keeping Quiet -- for Now

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Larry Flynt, just released from a Los Angeles intensive-care ward after a bout of pneumonia, says there's only about a 20 percent chance he'll release new scandalous information before the end of President Clinton's trial, although he has a fully documented file ready to go against "a couple of U.S. senators" of the GOP persuasion. "I'm actually opposed to exposing details of people's sex lives, which is what the Republicans did to Clinton," says Flynt. He stresses, however, that he might be more inclined to cough up new dirt if the Senate decides to reach a "finding of fact" -- a declaration that Clinton committed perjury or obstruction of justice, even if the President is not removed from office. "The more partisan it gets, the more I feel the urge to release material."

Special Report And he says more details could leak out before 2000. "Whoever runs against Bob Barr in Georgia is definitely going to have all our investigative material made available to them, because this guy is a hypocrite," he says. "I've never made any bones about being a smut peddler, but I'm an honest, accurate smut peddler."