Witnesses for the Prosecution

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Sidney Blumenthal
White House aide, and the President's top dirt-disher and buzz generator.

Will be deposed by: Rep. James Rogan of California.

What he already said: Clinton told him Lewinsky was just "a stalker" whom he had rebuffed.

What prosecutors want to hear: That Clinton gave Blumenthal bum info to purposely mislead the grand jury. That's obstruction.

What they'll probably get: Blumenthal's too smart to fall into any traps. But Rogan will use the White House's early smear campaign to try to rile Lewinsky and turn her against them.

Potential damage assessment: Minor: It's unlikely that Blumenthal will admit that Clinton knew he was grand jury bound.

Monica Lewinsky
Ex-White House intern and presidential lover.

Will be deposed by: Rep. Ed Bryant of Tennessee, reportedly her favorite manager.

What she already said: "No one asked or encouraged me to lie."

What prosecutors want to hear: Maybe they did, actually.

What they'll probably get: Monica can't change her story; her immunity deal forbids it. But if she elaborates any, that'd likely be fine with Ken Starr.

Potential damage assessment: Major. Monica represents Clinton's weak spirit made flesh. By ditching Betty Currie, the managers have set up darling Monica as the credible witness. If she lets anything slip, senators (and the public) are likely to believe her.

Vernon Jordan
Washington lobbyist and kingmaker, and Bill's fixer.

Will be deposed by: Rep. Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas

What he already said: That he never told Monica to lie -- or to get rid of those 50-odd love notes to The Creep.

What prosecutors want to hear: Big inconsistencies between Jordan and Lewinsky, especially over those love notes.

What they'll probably get: Jordan sticking to his guns: I never told her to trash the notes.

Potential damage assessment: Major. If Monica's testimony rivets the nation -- and it differs from Jordan's -- everyone at the White House looks like a liar.