Paul Slansky's Weekly Index of the News

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Larry Downing / Reuters

Dick Cheney, accompanied by Vice President-elect Joe Biden, leaves the White House for the inauguration ceremony.

Biden, Jill
job offer to husband of is revealed by

Boy George
• 15-month jail sentence of

Bush, George W.
• potential criminal investigation of
taunting of by audience for Obama inauguration
• unfond farewell is offered by Harper's Magazine to

Chabon, Michael
boasting about inauguration experiences by wife of

Cheney, Dick
• moving of own boxes by—and one can only wonder what was in them that required the personal attention of—results in pulled back muscle of
• resemblance of to Dr. Strangelove (or Bond villain Blofeld, or Mr. Potter in It's a Wonderful Life) is evoked by farewell appearance in wheelchair of
• unhappiness of at Bush's failure to pardon Libby

Chirac, Jacques
mauling of by pet poodle of

Clooney, George
return to ER of

Cooper, Anderson
flub-filled broadcast by

Daily Show, The
• life after Bush at

Kennedy, Caroline
• mysterious cessation, then uncessation, then recessation of once seemingly assured but apparently always hopeless quest for Senate seat by

Kennedy, Ted
seizure suffered by at inaugural luncheon

• thousands of employees laid off at

Obama, Barack
Blackberry of is kept by
existence of atheists is acknowledged by
finger-syncing at inauguration of
• Guantanamo is ordered closed by
• launch of White House blog of
• services by Jeremiah Wright are not attended by
• several thousand ticketholders are not let in to inauguration of
speech of
• speech of inspires sour look on puss of predecessor to

Roberts, John
• readministration by of presidential oath initially mangled by

Sawyer, Diane
• inebriation is credibly simulated by

Thain, John
extravagant redecoration efforts of
• forced departure from really nice office of

Trump, Donald
• gratuitous scolding of Nixon's daughters is merely the latest example of the unending insufferability of

Wall Street Journal
harmless white powder arrives at headquarters of

Wyeth, Andrew
passing of