Paul Slansky's Weekly Index of the News

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Mario Anzuoni / Reuters / Corbis

Judge Simon Cowell attends the party for "American Idol."

American Idol
• audience for may finally be getting slightly sick of

Becker, Gary
• belief of that Internet correspondent was teenage girl leads to sex sting arrest of

bin Laden, Osama
• release by of audiotape containing references to current events is reminder of the utter failure of George W. Bush — after seven-plus years — to effect the capture or murder of

Buffalo Beast
• annual list of "The 50 Most Loathsome Americans" is published by

Bush, George W.
• final Gallup numbers for show disapproval rating second only to Nixon's
• final smirk-riddled press conference by fails to win over critics of
• history of response to Katrina of is brazenly rewritten by
• Larry King is told by how much being called a racist hurt the feelings of
• question about possible regret by for ignoring August 6, 2001, CIA briefing memo is not asked by any reporters at last press conference of

Cheney, Dick
aggravation of that New York Times won a Pulitzer for exposing law-breaking championed by
• Guantanamo is described as a "first-rate" facility by
score-settling tome is under consideration by

Cohen, Sacha Baron
• Golden Globes audience is grimly unamused by amusing mocking of Madonna, Charlie Sheen and Victoria Beckham by

Department of Justice
contempt for career lawyers in civil rights division of by certain ideologues at

Dixon, Sheila
• refusal of to step down from Baltimore mayoralty after indictment of for perjury and theft

Dowd, Maureen
• resistance by of repeated urge to kick Cheney in the shins

Geithner, Timothy
• failure of to pay$34,000 in taxes, despite efforts of Obama transition team to minimize its importance, raises questions about appropriateness of appointment as Treasury Secretary of

Harry, Prince of Wales
racist babblings of

Huckabee, Mike
• opinion that complaints by Palin about her unfair treatment at the hands of Katie Couric were absurd and "if anything, [Couric] was extraordinarily gentle, even helpful" is expressed by

Jobs, Steve
illness of is acknowledged by

Kennedy, Caroline
increasing unlikeliness of, you know, appointment to the Senate of

Kerry, John
• foot of is once again jammed by into mouth of

Madoff, Bernard
bulletproof vest is sported by

McGoohan, Patrick
passing of

Montalban, Ricardo
passing of

Obama, Barack
citizenship of is hilariously challenged by lunatic fringe group engaged in futile efforts to prevent the ascension to the presidency of
• congressman finds decision of to use full name at swearing-in of "bizarre"
consumption of food by with friends and foes
ice cream flavor is inspired by
mother-in-law of is moving in with
• observation is made by humorist about the excessive kissing of the posterior of
rage of right-wing bloggers at Republicans demonstrating insufficient hate for

Palin, Sarah
• annoyance of at "bored, anonymous, pathetic bloggers who lie"
• dinner hosted by Obama for McCain will not be attended by
McCain's daughter seems less than fond of
• tired old "say it ain't so" catch phrase of is trotted out yet again by, and not to the benefit of

Schrenker, Marcus
• capture of following efforts to fake death, and subsequent effort by to actually kill self

Sullenberger, Chesley B. III
horrific disaster is averted by

Vitter, David
• news is made by for something other than patronizing hookers

Wallace, Cornelia
passing of

Winehouse, Amy
spectacle of self continues to be made by

Wurzelbacher, Samuel Joseph (Joe the Plumber)
well-deserved evisceration of