Pat Robertson: With Republicans Like These...

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Here's a warning sign for House managers that the show has gone on too long: When an impeachment hawk like Pat Robertson tells you to get off the stage. Robertson told the audience of his "700 Club" TV show that President Clinton "hit a home run" with the State of the Union Speech -- and that as far as he was concerned, Republicans should take their gavel and go home. As conversions go, it was as if the Pope had suddenly begun reciting the Koran at mass. And it provided even more cover to the growing list of Republicans who are glancing at Clinton's stratospheric poll numbers and nervously looking for the exit. "A lot of Republicans have been saying that sooner or later everyone is going to come around to their point of view, and it looks like now some of them are breaking away from that," says TIME White House reporter Jay Branegan. "Republican pollsters are telling the leadership they have to get a new issue."

So far, the GOP has one that Clinton didn't take for himself -- that hardy perennial, the tax cut. The good news for Republicans: In dismissing the Clinton Social Security plan before a House committee Wednesday, Fed chair Alan Greenspan had kind words to say about the GOP push for a 10 percent across-the-board tax cut. Now if only Greenspan would start guest-hosting the "The 700 Club."