Paul Slansky's Weekly Index of the News

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Susan Walsh / AP

George W. Bush

Bush, Barney
reporter is bitten by

Bush, George W.
•lack of demand for memoir of

Cameron, Carl
•extent to which Palin's ignorance stunned McCain's aides is revealed by

Chambliss, Saxby
•white base of is warned that "the other folks are voting" by

Liddy Dole is punished by

Hinnant, Marian
•admission that story of death of father of was made up in order to be excused from Ted Stevens jury and attend horse race in California is offered by

Krugman, Paul
•Cheney, DeLay and Rove are called "monsters" by

Lieberman, Joseph
•pondering of options, none of them likely to be too appealing, by

•voters feel more kindly toward

marriage of gays
•voters feel less kindly toward

Matthews, Chris
•Bush is called "not a tough act to follow" by

McCain, John
Cheney's unwelcome and ill-timed endorsement of

•civility is belatedly shown by

Nader, Ralph
•possibility of Obama turning out to be an "Uncle Tom" is raised by

National Enquirer
•Rielle Hunter's baby's dirty diaper is in the possession of — and will be used for DNA paternity test by — reporters for

Obama, Barack
•electorate is evidently untroubled by alleged "socialism" and "terrorist pals" of

launch of Web site for transition of

•op-ed gushing about

"service and responsibility," not shopping, is asked of Americans by

•untimely death of grandmother of

Palin, Sarah
•preternatural gullibility of

•rumored unfamiliarity with Africa and North America of

•snarky comments about from McCain aides are called "sickening" by spokeswoman for

•two-page note from doctor is released in lieu of release of medical records of

Plumber, Joe the
final CNN interview with is not enjoyed by

•crushing defeat of is bizarrely interpreted by John Boehner as demand of voters for more of the same from

Robbins, Tim
•absence of name of on voting rolls triggers polling place tantrum by

Rock, Chris
•McCain is mocked — "We can't all dump our first wife and marry a rich one" — by

Rove, Karl
•permanent Republican majority envisioned by evaporates before the eyes of

Schwarzenegger, Arnold
•likelihood of being offered a position in the Obama administration is drastically diminished by

Shapiro, Jeffrey Scott
"classless disrespect" shown to Bush by "many Americans" is called "nothing less than a disgrace" in Wall Street Journal op-ed piece by

Stevens, Ted
•Alaska voters seem unfazed by seven felony convictions of

Supreme Court
•indecent language case is argued before without a single utterance of any of the words in question by any of the justices on

Terkel, Studs
passing of

Vidal, Gore
spectacular racism of

Williams, Brian
•continuing inability to stop talking about Tim Russert of

Williams, Hank Jr.
•national anthem is savagely butchered by