Paul Slansky's Weekly Index of the News

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Dana Edelson / NBCU Photo Bank / AP

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live.

nationalization of

Begala, Paul
reference to McCain as "Grumpy McNasty" by

Buckley, Christopher
heresy of
intolerance of heresy of by editors of and subscribers to magazine founded by father of

Fey, Tina
• •intention of to depart planet in the event of a Palin victory is announced by

Frum, David
• •unsmiling disapproval of irreverence of

Gergen, David
• McCain is advised to "see if you can leave this with your honor intact" by
McCain's debate performance is described as "almost an exercise in anger management" by

Iseman, Vicki
sex with McCain is emphatically denied by

Johnston, Levi
unauthorized interview is given by

Kristol, Bill
advice to ignore his earlier advice is given to McCain campaign by

Leary, Denis
autism boom is noted by

Lewis, John
potential for demagoguery leading to violence is pointed out by

long-expected divorce of

Mahoney, Tim
hush money is reported to have been paid to former mistress by

Matthews, Chris
•observation by that "the comparison between [Palin] and Hillary Clinton is the comparison between an igloo and the Empire State Building"

McCain, John
difficulty in keeping self from exploding of
Letterman groveled to by
non-Bushness of is announced by
Obama attack ads in TV football game ruin the viewing experience of
•Obama is called "Senator Government" by
•Palin is described as a "bresh of freth air" by
planetarium projector is astonishingly mentioned again by
•potential of ACORN to destroy the very "fabric of democracy" is noted by
potential women voters are repelled by inopportune use of air quote marks by
•pride in "the people who come to our rallies" — even, apparently, the loons who shout "Kill him!" in reference to Obama — is declared by
•rejection by Obama of series of joint town hall meetings with is again blamed for negative tone of campaign by
•"We've got them just where we want them" is incongruously declared by

Obama, Barack
McCain's bait repeatedly not risen to by
•possibly complacent supporters are warned, "Don't underestimate our ability to screw it up" by

Palin, Sarah
booing of
ethics violations of cited in "Troopergate" investigator's report
exoneration on ethics violations charges is falsely claimed by
imagined presidency of
supporters of are confusedly scolded by

Paulson, Henry
lack of pride in botching of economy is declared by

secret approval by Bush administration of

Wurzelbacher, Joe "The Plumber"
non-vetting by McCain campaign of