Weekly Index of the News

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Mark Lennihan / AP


bailout money is spent on a week at a California luxury beach resort by executives of

Ayers, Bill
• casting of by desperate McCain campaign as latter-day Willie Horton

Baldwin, Alec
Palin is imitated by

Brokaw, Tom
ability of to see debate teleprompter is impeded by heads of Obama and McCain
•improbability of future career as McCain's treasury secretary of

Brooks, David
Palin is called "a fatal cancer to the Republican Party" by

Chicago Cubs
talent for choking of is demonstrated anew

Coleman, Norm
campaign manager for refuses to answer questions about clothes given to

Corsi, Jerome
promotion efforts in Africa of his anti-Obama book are interrupted by deportation from Kenya of

Faulk, David Murfee and Adrienne Kinne
•whistle blown on NSA eavesdropping on phone sex calls by

Hagel, Chuck
•Obama is endorsed by wife of

Keating, Charles
•Obama campaign points out McCain's involvement in scandal that bears the name of

Keating, Frank
•"issue" of Obama's decades-old cocaine use is raised as if Obama hadn't written about it himself by

McCain, Cindy
•Obama is urged by to exchange footwear with

McCain, John
•announcement of intent to Swiftboat Obama is for some bizarre reason made by campaign of
•Blitzer discerns "some disdain" for Obama by
•claims to possess the necessary knowledge to solve all of the nation's major problems
erratic aviation record of
•fellow citizens of are addressed as "fellow prisoners" of by
frightening noise is emitted by
Obama's "touchiness" and proclivity for "angry insults" are cited without any sense of irony by
•Obama is contemptuously referred to as "that one" by
Obama's support for overhead planetarium projector is repeatedly brought up as if it alone disqualified him for the presidency by
strangers are addressed as his "friends" 22 times in 90 minutes by
yet another commission is proposed by

Obama, Barack
failure to understand is confessed by
•McCain is basically called a chicken by
•McCain questions true identity of
•Palin points out propensity for palling around with terrorists of
•is referred to by Florida sheriff at Palin rally as "Barack Hussein Obama"
•is referred to by Pennsylvania Republican official at Palin/McCain rally as "Barack Hussein Obama"

O'Reilly, Bill
•Frank reveals the problem with going on "The Factor" to

Palin, Sarah
•black sound man at rally for is told "Sit down, boy" by supporter of
•poor performance of with Katie Couric is blamed on annoyingness of Couric by
rabble is extremely dangerously roused by
•12-year-old doodles of

Simpson, O.J.
•13th anniversary of the Los Angeles acquittal of is commemorated by the Las Vegas conviction of

Stewart, Jon
Palin is compared to "Jodie Foster in the movie Nell" by

Stock market
•bailout totally ignored by

•vice-presidential debate assessed by patrons of sports bar in