Slansky's Weekly Wrapup

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Ron Edmonds / AP

Republican presidential nominee John McCain waves while making his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention

Biden, Joe
• McCain's maverickness is challenged by

Boehner, John
• bailout bill is called a "crap sandwich" by

Bush, George W.
record-setting disapproval ratings of continue to be earned by
•total irrelevance of

Clinton, Bill
praise for Obama is eschewed by

Couric, Katie
•career-defining interviews are conducted by

Des Moines Register
•overt hostility of McCain to questions by editors of

Frank, Barney
effrontery of Paulson's original bailout proposal is mocked by
•Republican spin that tone of Pelosi's speech caused insulted members to vote against bailout bill is mocked by

Gonzales, Alberto
•report concludes that responsibility as Attorney General was abdicated by

Graham, Lindsay
Obama's debate victory is exhaustedly conceded by

Hasselbeck, Elisabeth
•Palin is ineffectively defended by

Herritage, Maj. Allen
•America is assured by that, despite her claims, Sarah Palin is nowhere to be found in the chain of command over Air Force fighter jets

Matthews, Chris
McCain's resemblance to a troll is observed by

McCain, John
•alleged failure of Obama to comprehend things is repeatedly pointed out by
•comprehension of things is asserted to by Obama
•conservatives appalled by Palin are dismissed as "Georgetown Cocktail Party" people by
hand of Obama is reluctantly shaken by as eyes of look elsewhere
"horseshit!" is twice muttered during debate by
medical records of are still insufficiently disclosed by
Michigan is given up on by
unfairness of life is bemoaned by

New York Times
•connections of McCain to gambling industry are meticulously chronicled by

Newman, Paul
death of

Obama, Barack
kill is repeatedly not gone in for by
•McCain is too frequently agreed with by

Palin, Sarah
absurd claim that as a second grader in a tiny town in Alaska she was aware of the "Senate speeches" of a just-elected senator from Delaware is made by
•"choice" to be gay was made by unnamed lesbian friend of
•debate audience is winked at by
•ignorance of all non-Roe V. Wade Supreme Court cases is displayed by
•increase in powers of vice president is desired by
"maverick" is repeatedly uttered in debate by
"nucular" is repeatedly uttered in debate by
removal of from Republican ticket is urged by former supporter of
•self is identified as "normal Joe Six-Pack American" by
•situation of teenage girl raped by her father is referred to as "absolutely less than ideal" by

Putin, Vladimir
•Palin invokes rearing of head of

Rovito, Michael
•legitimate question to Palin by is cited by McCain as "gotcha journalism"

Shrum, Bob
Obama victory is prematurely crowed about by

Stapleton, Meg
•theory that Palin can't answer questions because her mind is so fast that she's already waiting for the next question is offered by

Stevens, Ted
•close friend of becomes star witness against
•dismissal of charges against is narrowly avoided by blundering prosecutors of

Stewart, Jon
•Congress is deservedly excoriated by

Sullivan, Andrew
•serial prevarication of Palin is documented by