Broncos and Falcons are In

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In the NFL championship games Sunday, the news was more about what teams didn't get done. One of the sure things in life is that Bill Parcells teams don't cough up the ball. Yet the 23-10 loss to the Broncos showed us a fumblin, stumblin Jets, dropping the ball, muffing a kickoff, and committing six turnovers to none for the Broncos. Cliche you'll become sick of announcers spouting in the next few days: "You're not going to win very many games in the National Football League turning the ball over six times."

Meanwhile, the Falcons are in because the Vikings did something they hadn't done all season: Miss a field goal. Gary Anderson, who had not missed any kind of kick all season, was wide left the kick that probably would have won the game. The Falcons tied, and then won 30-27 in overtime. The big loser: Danish TV, for which Falcons kicker Morten Andersen normally covers Super Bowls. This year, he's going to be busy.