The State of the State of the Union

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WASHINGTON: In case you hadn't guessed from their amble through the public record Thursday, the House managers are suddenly in no hurry to finish up early. Despite Henry Hyde's repeated suggestions this week that prosecutors would take only eight hours to present their case, TIME White House correspondent Jay Branegan says the current schedule -- which would force the White House to open its defense on the day of the State of the Union address -- suits Republicans just fine. "They want Clinton to have to share the headlines with his own lawyers," he says. "They'll be sure to keep the floor until Tuesday."

Special Report The GOP head count at the address may make some headlines of its own. Henry Hyde says he'll watch on TV, "mostly because it's not fun." Former Republican Conference chairman Rep. John A. Boehner (Ohio) has other plans. Rep. Tom Coburn (Okla.) will proudly boycott. Even Rep. Christopher Shays (Conn.), who voted against impeachment, says he'll be hiding from the cameras in case he wants to applaud. Attendance from the Senate jury still figures to be strong, and of course House Democrats promised to support Clinton in full force. But that doesn't make Clinton -- who was rebuffed by Senate GOPers when he asked for a day off from the trial -- any happier about sharing his second straight address with the specter of Miss Monica. Which is just how the House managers want it. Get ready for two more days of more of the same.