Immigrant Punk: Eugene Hutz

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Deirdre O'Callaghan for TIME

ILLUMINATED: Hutz, here in a Brixton pub, says he has "come to be content in my restlessness"

Eugene Hutz is drawing glances. he's in London's Brixton Market, amid the sensory barrage of exotic aromas, vibrant garb and competing bass lines, dressed in a purple jacket and trying on ladies' wigs. When he finds one he likes, he lets out a strange yowl, twirling the fake blonde locks around his head in celebration. But it's not Hutz's clothes or wig that have people staring. Locals in this bustling, ethnic stew of a neighborhood have seen it all before. No, people are looking at this lanky man with the lavish handlebar mustache because they recognize him. As Hutz is happy...