Home Run Baseballs in Online Auction

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The real home run derby begins on Tuesday: eBay, the online auction house, is selling off home run balls from Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. What will we hear for Nos. 61, 63, 67 and 70 from McGwire, along with Sosa's 61st, 64th, and 66th? EBay has been accepting bids online for the past week; offline partner Guernsey's Auction House is using those as the floor for its live auction in Madison Square Garden starting at noon Eastern time.

Also on the auction block is the ball that Hank Aaron (remember him?) pounded out of Fulton County Stadium more than 20 years ago to set the all-time home run record. Got your checkbook ready? Put it back in your pocket, big shot: Unless you've already mailed in your financial statements proving you have at least $100,000 to drop on a slightly used Spalding, Guernsey's doesn't want to hear from you. Still, you can watch the action online, which at these prices is probably the safest thing.