Life During Wartime: 30 Questions

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1. If we bomb Afghanistan will that lead to a new regime or will the Taliban stay in power?

2. Is there any realistic chance a more pro-Western regime would replace the Taliban?

3. Or would it likely be just as anti-U.S. and hospitable to terrorists?

4. Can any Afghan government prevent its territory from being used by terrorists?

[an error occurred while processing this directive]5. Colin Powell has talked about wiping the curse of terrorism from the earth. Do you mean all terrorism or just anti-U.S. attacks? Are we going after separatists in Kashmir or kidnappers in Colombia, too? If not, why do we keep implying that we are?

6. If we send ground forces to oust the Taliban, would they stay to prevent the Talibans return to power?

7. What are we going to do about the flow of Afghan refugees into neighboring states like Pakistan? Won't that destabilize those regimes?

8. Why aren't we using the U.N.? Bush Sr. did, and the Security Council would back up the use of force. Why go around it to form our own ad-hoc coalition?

9. If there's an Iraqi link to the 9/11 attack do we just bomb Iraq or do we mount a Gulf War-style invasion with half a million troops?

10. Will the coalition stay together for an assault on Iraq and the ouster of Saddam Hussein?

11. Will Jordan go along with an ouster of Hussein? They didn't support us in the last war. Wouldn't that endanger King Abdullah?

12. Are you going to push for the U.S.- Jordanian Free Trade Agreement, now languishing in Congress, to bolster our ally in the Mideast?

13. Are we willing to take military action against Syria, which is also on the U.S. list of countries that sponsor terrorism? If so, how?

14. What about Iran? Its government might help us against the Taliban, but they also sponsor terrorism, How do we handle that one?

15. Should the feds sell War Bonds to pay for all of this?

16. Are we going to keep funding the Drug War at current levels while this new war consumes the country?

17. Can we keep our troop levels in Korea up at a time when we're deploying so many forces to fight terrorism?

18. If we get cozy with Pakistan in order to fight Afghanistan, won't that annoy India?

19. Are we willing to go after Anti-Israeli terrorists on the West Bank?

20. What about Lebanon?

21. Will China, which shares a border with Afghanistan, help us in this war?

22. Do we consider the Chechen separatists in Russia to be terrorists?

23. If we spend a lot more money on intelligence, how are you going to make sure it's spent in the right way instead of, as conservatives like to say, throwing money at the problem?

24. If were at war, shouldn't Congress declare war rather than just passing a resolution? Whatever happened to strict constructionism where we follow the letter of the Constitution?

25. What if we can't find Bin Laden?

26. What do we do then?

27. If we kill Bin Laden, does that mean his organization dies or can it survive his loss?

28. Are we going to pressure the Saudis to break diplomatic relations with the Taliban?

29. When we funded Afghan freedom fighters against the Soviets in the 80s, did we ever give money directly to Bin Laden?

30. How do we know we've won?