Alison Hoffman, 26, Lehman Bros

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I was heading from the PATH train at a quarter of nine or so. It lets you out at the Mrs. Fields by the World Trade Center. Suddenly I felt a shake and a crash; I heard an explosion. All of a sudden people started running towards me. I asked what was happening; they said there was a bomb. My coworker saw me and grabbed me and we ran. I looked up saw WTC on fire. That's when my coworker said he just had to get out of there, and he ran away. I started walking uptown, and then all of a sudden I heard another loud explosion from behind me, and people started screaming again and running past me. "The second one's been hit," people said. I turned around and saw the smoke and second building on fire. I still haven't heard from my good friend who works in the World Trade Center. I know plenty of people who work in there. I had a meeting scheduled there today. I'm pretty distraught.