Andy Perry, 36, KPMG consultant at Morgan Stanley

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The only reason we knew to run out of the building is because I'd been there in 93. There were no emergency announcements — it just happened so quickly nobody knew what was going on. I remember back in 93 a guy who took off after the explosion and he was able to get out — that's what I remembered today — so we took off and got as far away from the building as possible.

It was scary compared to the first bombing. Then the building shook like maybe a yard, but this was multiple explosions. I just took off at that point. There were no announcements; there were still a lot of people down in the lobby looking up at the building. When we got to the ground floor people were just running like rabbits. We were on Chase Plaza in Williams Street when the second one went off.

This guy we were talking to saw at least 12 people jumping out of World Trade Center 1 because of the fires. He was standing next to a guy who got hit by shrapnel and was immediately killed.