NBA: Roundball Hardball

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NEW YORK: It's take-it-or-leave-it time in the NBA lockout. "No further offers will be made," league commissioner David Stern said Monday after a five-hour meeting with his opposite, players' union head Billy Hunter. "That's the spin they want to put on it," Hunter retorted. The fact remains that on Sunday, both sides gave until it hurt (granted, that's not much), and they're close enough to smell each other's breath. Yet the 1998 season is closer than ever to extinction.

Forget about those last few sticking points; it's still essentially a greed vs. greed situation. The scary part (for the millionaires, anyway) is that the prospect of a season completely lost -- the first such cancellation in the history of North American professional major leagues -- continues to be met with a national yawn. Maybe it's the shadow of impeachment. Or of Mark McGwire.