Smallest of Texas Octuplets Dies

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Chijindu Chukwu, the smallest of eight children born to a Houston woman, died of heart and lung failure Sunday night. Odera, as she was nicknamed, was pronounced dead at 3:23 a.m. CT. The other seven babies are still listed in critical condition. The hospital reported that Odera’s condition began to deteriorate on Saturday afternoon, after doctors moved her from a conventional ventilator to an oscillator in an attempt to improve her blood oxygenation.

Odera was born on Dec. 20 along with six of her brothers and sisters. A girl born two weeks earlier on Dec. 7 makes the birth the first reported delivery of living octuplets in 50 years.

Gorom, the youngest of the octuplets, underwent abdominal surgery yesterday to repair a tear in her intestine. Ebuka, the firstborn, and Ikem, the firstborn boy, are breathing with the assistance of a ventilator. Chidi, Echerem, Chima and Jioke are breathing on their own.

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