Livingston Confesses to Affairs

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Special Report Preemptive strikes don't just come against Middle Eastern countries. Thursday it came from the House, where the Hill newsletter Roll Call reports that House Speaker-elect Bob Livingston (R-La.) told the Republican leadership that he has had extramarital affairs in the past and offered to resign his post. The leadership did not accept. "I have decided to inform my colleagues and constituents that during my 33-year marriage to my wife, Bonnie, I have on occasion strayed from my marriage and doing so nearly cost me my marriage and my family," Livingston told Roll Call. He went on to make a distinction between himself and the man whose conduct he will be evaluating Friday: "I want to assure everyone that these indiscretions were not with employees on my staff and I have never been asked to testify under oath about them." The big question, once again, is one of timing, since this comes on the eve of what is sure to be a contentious debate on impeachment.