Pentagon: 'We Hit Our Targets'

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WASHINGTON: With the second wave of Operation Desert Fox complete, the results from Round One are in. So how's the war going? "The strikes have hit a wide assortment of targets, and done a lot of damage," says TIME Pentagon correspondent Mark Thompson. But simple demolition isn't why the U.S. is waging this war. "The point of all this is to reduce and cripple Saddam's weapons arsenal," Thompson says. "Just because there's a lot of destruction doesn't mean they're accomplishing that goal."

Special Report What we know so far about the war on Saddam: "His headquarters is now rubble," said Gen. Henry H. Shelton at Thursday's briefing. More than 50 sites were targeted Wednesday -- with varying degrees of success -- but not the man himself. "We have not been tracking Saddam Hussein by day," said Shelton, "and Saddam Hussein was not the objective established for this operation." The President will review the results of tonight's attack before deciding on whether to continue, but Thompson expects the nightly bombing runs to continue Friday and possibly Saturday, when the holy month of Ramadan begins. "Depending on the damage assessments, a mop-up run may be needed," he says. What the Pentagon is hoping for is that they won't need that mop again anytime soon.