Amazon Shoots to the Moon

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specialNothing like a self-fulfilling prophecy: Minutes after an early-morning report from a CIBC Oppenheimer analyst said stock could easily reach a price of $400 per share, the Street got the hint: By midday, the stock had shot up 44 points, to 287. There was other good news for the little bookshop on the router: A Wall Street Journal story noted that has been hit with a wave of insider selling -- a sure sign that people in the know are bearish on their company's future. "People may be looking at this and deciding that Borders just isn't getting the job done," says TIME Wall Street columnist Daniel Kadlec. So far, Amazon has. The CIBC report says the company has the potential to "generate $10 billion in revenue and earnings per share of $10 within five years." Especially once the company starts shipping those "How to Make Money on the Internet" books.