Will the President Resign?

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Even if he wanted to, there's at least one reason the President would stop short of resigning now: Al Gore. If Clinton were to resign during the next few weeks, Gore could stand for election only once. If he waits until January 20, however, Gore could run twice.

Special ReportA little-known provision of the Constitution -- the 22nd Amendment -- states that no one who serves out someone else's presidential term "for more than two years... shall be elected to the office of the President more than once." So if Clinton were to leave office before January 20, Gore would serve out Clinton's term and could run for re-election just once. After the date, Gore could run twice. Not surprisingly, Gore has already come out against impeaching and removing the President for the good of the nation. But if Clinton were to seriously consider resigning, would it surprise anyone if Gore advised Bill to think about it for a month?