Burlington Pulls the Cruella DeVil Collection

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Is your new fur-lined parka drawing an unusual amount of attention from the canine contingent? You may want to check its point of origin: If it's from Burlington Coat factory -- and before that, China -- your German shepherd's coat may actually be a German shepherd coat. Burlington has recalled hundreds of coats from China that it found had been trimmed with dog fur. Worse yet, the dogs used in the manufacture of the coats were treated inhumanely before being dis-Patched, according to a report on animal abuse overseas that will air tonight on "Dateline NBC."

Burlington says it was the victim of a bait-and-switch by an Asian vendor who claimed it was coyote fur, and the company is "very upset about it," according to spokesman Ric Bramboe. "It is not our policy to sell domesticated animal fur," said Bramboe. Lassie, come home -- quick!