Reno: One More Refusal

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WASHINGTON: Reno-hating columnist William Safire predictably dubbed the occasion "a day that will live in infamy," but for Bill Clinton, this Pearl Harbor Day offered a small taste of victory. The last of the 90-day independent-counsel clocks ran out on Monday, and Janet Reno announced late that afternoon that -- yet again -- she'll be letting the rapacious Clinton/Gore campaign off the hook.

"She hasn't found any evidence of criminal intent," says TIME Washington correspondent Viveca Novak. "Clinton seems to have just followed the advice of counsel, and when the law is as hazy as this one is, that's usually an acceptable excuse." And so Clinton slips another legal noose. But with the impeachment rope still looming, the White House had better hope moderate Republicans don't take it upon themselves to do Reno's enforcing for her.