Sex Isn't Working, Let's Try Campaign Finance

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WASHINGTON: Just repeat after Henry Hyde: Itís not about sex, itís not about sex, itís not about sex... Still looking for a way to make some G-rated criminal charges stick to President Clinton, the House Judiciary Committee let it slip late Monday that it was now including campaign fundraising in its probe. To that end, it will subpoena FBI head Louis Freeh, Janet Reno and Charles LaBella, head of Justiceís own investigation of the matter. An acrimonious party-line vote to approve the subpoenas is scheduled for Tuesday.

Special Report Why not just call Dan Burton? Burton and his Oversight Committee have been through all this already without success, including the part where Freeh and LaBella testify against Reno and, then, everybody tries to squeeze an independent counsel out of her. Hyde is expected even to go after those memos by Freeh and LaBella over which Burton tried to hold Reno in contempt for witholding (before giving up). Also for Tuesdayís highlight film: a parade of penitent perjurers who are expected to testify that, yes, perjury is serious and, yes, they deserved to be impeached and removed from whatever lofty position they held. Hint, hint.