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Charles Krauthammer's foreign policy column
After Sept. 11 Krauthammer wrote about a radical and dominant approach to foreign policy, which the Bush Administration adopted. Now the next President will need to be an international expert, have a style of patient diplomacy and preferably have spent some time overseas or in the military.

Global warming sources
A cap-and-trade system where major carbon producers would have to pay to pollute above a certain level is the most politically feasible way to control emissions. Al Gore's congressional testimony and a September American Scientific article have several suggestions to combat global warming.

Sen. Ron Wyden's health-care plan
Wyden's proposed health-care plan (and a positive independent assessment of it by a health-care consulting firm) is a viable solution to the employer-based system that's making companies break the bank.

New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce's proposal
This proposal to fix the deteriorating public school system takes the funding and much of the control of public schools away from local school boards and gives power to the states.

Mandatory national service books
The absence of mandatory military service in the baby boom generation has contributed to America's largely slovenly culture. Are We Rome by Cullen Murphy and A Call to Civic Service by Charles Moskos suggest bringing it back.