In Flanders, Plain -- or With Pepperoni

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What does it take to satisfy a man? Well, if it's in Belgium, it's probably extra cheese. Yes, sweetie pie has taken a backseat to a different dish in the land of Liege, at least according to an interactive information service. If one is to believe the data accumulated by Scoot, a venture that provides toll-free information both online and over the phone, what really makes Brussels sprout is information on where to score a hot, saucy... pizza.

Perhaps it's the numbing effect of living in a country whose cultural emblem is a statue of a urinating cupid, but it wasn't even close: Libidinous pursuits accounted for a feckless 1.7 percent of the million-odd calls to Scoot over the past five months, in marked contrast to the numbers typically racked up by sex searches on Internet-only systems. Besides pizza procurement -- the runaway winner -- other popular query topics up Waterloo way include travel and party locations. In other words, directions to Domino's.