Remember Bruce Lindsey?

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WASHINGTON: Just when you though it was safe to follow politics again, the Ken Starr show goes into reruns. The Supreme Court on Monday ruled that neither Secret Service agents nor government lawyers, once subpoenaed, could keep the President's secrets on the witness stand. The decision is just a formality for the agents, who have already testified under protest, but it may yet reinvigorate Starr's investigation -- thanks to one Bruce Lindsey.

Special Report After four trips to the grand jury, Clinton's closest confidant still hasn't told the whole truth; now Starr can make him. And though no one knows what exactly Lindsey has to add, if there is a bombshell left in this investigation, Lindsey certainly knows about it. But it'll have to be big -- even as Judiciary Committee hearings this week will attempt to define high crimes and misdemeanors, many feel that shell-shocked, shaken-up Republicans on Capitol Hill have lost their will to follow through on impeachment. That will hardly stop Starr from dragging Lindsey back to the stand. But will anyone still be listening?