Livingston Presumes

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WASHINGTON: If Bob Livingston's is the new face of the Republican Party, it's going to be a soporific two years. But in announcing his designs on the position Gingrich will now be vacating, Livingston declared that boring is now in. "Revolution takes certain talents," he drawled to reporters. "Day-to-day governing takes others." And if Livingston can indeed run the Congress like he ran the Appropriation Committee -- quietly, effectively and with the cooperation of his opponents -- he may be just what the shell-shocked GOP rank-and-file needs. Heck, he even promised to "make the trains run on time."

Special Report But it wouldn't be the GOP -- or any fun -- without some shouting, and that's where Steve Largent comes in. A former NFL star, Largent wants Majority Leader Dick Armey's seat at the right hand of the throne. The 12 days of dialing for votes has only just begun, and who's on top when House Republicans meet and vote on the 18th is still anybody's guess. But together, Largent and Livingston make a potent slate. "Livingston can garner support from moderates and old guard chairmen," says TIME congressional correspondent Jay Carney. "To the rebels, Largent is one of their own." Once, Newt was too.