Pinochet Becomes a Wanted Man

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Autumn just got chillier for Chile's patriarch. The Spanish government on Friday formalized its request to extradite General Augusto Pinochet, leaving the ex-dictator's fate in the hands of Britain's House of Lords. The bewigged Law Lords will next week rule on the legality of Pinochet's arrest by British police. If they uphold it, he could be headed for a long holiday in Spain.

The Law Lords are being asked to overturn a High Court ruling that Pinochet enjoys immunity for crimes allegedly committed as head of state. "The legal issues at stake here have global implications," says TIME U.N. correspondent William Dowell. "The argument being presented is that a crime against humanity cannot enjoy immunity in any circumstances. Setting that precedent would pardon dictators from Idi Amin to Karadzic -- it even would have pardoned Hitler." Meanwhile, France, Switzerland and Sweden are all completing their own extradition requests. Take a number and stand in line.