Media Bombthrower Takes on Kremlin

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And you think President Clinton has problems with the press? A 65-year-old Russian journalist detonated a carload full of explosives at the gates of the Kremlin late Wednesday. Officials say Ivan Orlov, who survived the attack, is insane. But the incident may simply be the latest symptom of Russia's social unraveling. "He hadn't been paid for months, although that's nothing unusual here," says TIME Moscow correspondent Yuri Zarakhovich. "People are getting desperate, starting to point guns at their bosses to demand their salaries. Orlov's attack won't be the last such case."

So, does Boris Yeltsin have to worry about assassination, on top of everything else? "Not really, because if you wanted to kill Yeltsin you'd have to go to Sochi, the Black Sea resort to which he's retreated," says Zharakovich. "And once there you'd be distracted by all the other attractions -- it's like Florida."