Power to the People

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But enough about politicians. How did the ballot propositions do? Marijuana is back -- all five states considering a ballot initiative yesterday approved the use of dope for medical reasons. Smoking may be wrong -- but maybe not: It's still too close to say whether California voters approved a 50 cent-per-pack cigarette tax. Meanwhile, Arizona and Missouri banned cockfighting, while in California it's now against the law to serve horse for dinner or use steel traps on wolves.

Special Report A measure allowing same-sex marriages failed miserably in Hawaii, while Alaskans voted to define marriage as something that occurs only between a man and a woman. South Carolinians bravely stepped into the 20th century, however, by finally repealing a ban on black-white marriage. Fun is in: Voters approved new stadiums in Denver and San Diego, while in California Indians can conduct casino gambling on the reservation. Our favorite initiative? Oregon voters agreed that from now on, all voting will be done by mail. Up next: the Eudora proposition.