Minnesota Mind-Slam

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Jesse "The Body" Ventura plans to change his nickname to Jesse "The Mind" -- and as Minnesota's governor-elect, he may get his wish. On Tuesday, the former Navy SEAL, actor and pro wrestler jumped into the ring with two politics-as-usual candidates for Minnesota governor and bashed their heads. Ventura's unlikely coalition of young voters, union members and activists for causes as diverse as abortion rights and gun rights turned Republican Norm Coleman and Democrat Hubert Humphrey III into a hapless tag team for the political establishment. He may have run on the Reform party ticket, but Ventura's relations with even that party's national leadership are reportedly strained.

Special Report "The political rules have to be thrown out the window in any election in which a major state elects a governor named Jesse 'The Body' Ventura," said GOP spokesman Todd Harris. Traditional politicians may want to take heed of one of Ventura's more popular campaign ads, which features an action figure of wrestler doling out a whupping to a business-suited action figure named "Evil Special Interests Man." Maybe there's a message in this after all. Either that or Al Gore had better look for a running mate in the WWF.