The Nation Shows Initiative

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And now, for the important questions: Can a two-year-old run for governor? That pivotal question is on the ballot in Wyoming today. In South Carolina, voters are being asked to decide whether to drop a ban on interracial marriage. And Californians, being Californians, will vote on whether it's still OK to barbecue horsemeat -- or even sell it. From coast to coast, U.S. voters in 16 states will be casting their ballots on a total of 61 sometimes important -- and sometimes just plain bizarre -- referendums.

Special Report Aside from the horsemeat question, there are more, uh, meaty issues on the table in California, of course. The original Meathead himself, Rob Reiner, is fronting for a California proposition that would tack a 50 cent-per-pack increase onto the price of cigarettes. Smoke of another kind -- medical marijuana -- gets a look in five states and the District of Columbia (no, Marion Barry is not behind this), while abortion-limiting proposals come before the voters in two more states. In Hawaii, voters are being asked to decide the fate of same-sex marriages. Our favorite resolution? In four states today, voters are voting on whether to limit the number of initiatives that can make it into the voting booth. Just vote no.

(How'd they do? will be covering the national elections through the wee hours. Watch this space.)