Web Guide: The 2006 Midterm Elections

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CNN.com: America Votes 2006
Predictions by state for which party will emerge victorious, plus a detailed look at the key issues and how past legislation has set the stage.
Google News
A search for the latest news about the elections.


Daily Kos
A view from the left, this blog is consistently rated one of the most heavily trafficked and most popular blogs. Go to it for detailed analysis of individual races as well as opinions on party politics as a whole.
Power Line
From the right, this blog gained national fame — or infamy — for its role in the 2004 saga about documents questioning George W. Bush's service in the Texas Air National Guard. CBS presented the documents as accurate, but Power Line helped prove them as forgeries in a series of events that led to CBS News anchor Dan Rather's resignation.
Political Roads
Analysis of election strategies for both major parties in 2006 and in 2008.
African American Political Pundit
News and commentary related to black candidates seeking office. Or, as the blog's own description reads, "a former Democrat, turned Republican, now an Independent; who is politically biased, pretending to be neutral." Go figure that one out.
A search of the most recent blog posts related to the midterm elections.


As the 10th most popular destination on the Internet, video sharing behemoth YouTube is a sure spot to find information, help and a good laugh about pretty much anything. The 2006 midterm elections are no exception, and a search there will turn up with anything from interviews on Fox News to cartoons on The Daily Show.


Electoral Vote
It's that famous blue-and-red map with a twist: this site keeps you up-to-date with poll data from every state that has a Senate seat up for grabs. You can also work backward from the current date and see how poll data has changed every day since August.
Polling Report
See which way the nation leans in polls conducted by a number of news and polling organizations. With pages of data and minimal interpretation, this site isn't for the number-shy.
The Green Papers
It has all the information you would expect about the House, Senate and gubernatorial candidates, but also shows state populations and the number of registered voters by state. You can even find links about state primary results.


Project Vote Smart
Almost everything you've ever wanted to know about the House, Senate and gubernatorial candidates. Look up biographical information, issue positions and past voting records and see links to campaign finance information. The site even describes how to obtain a voter registration.
Wikipedia: United States House Elections 2006
An in-depth look at which races will be the most competitive. Includes a state-by-state analysis.
Better World Links
Need more information? This site features lists of links to news sites, blogs and other Web pages devoted to the midterm elections.
BBC News: Q&A: US mid-term elections 2006
So what are the midterm elections, anyway? Learn about the American system from the British news in this quick primer.
Stephen Colbert has America by the Ballots — New York Magazine
Humorous advice both Democrats and Republicans can use to get out the vote.