'Vampires' Fly, Oprah Doesn't

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"John Carpenter's Vampires" was the No. 1 movie attraction this Halloween weekend, according to studio estimates. It made $9.2 million, topping the previous record opening for the holiday weekend of $7.4 million made by "Halloween II" in 1981. Last weekend's biggest movie, "Pleasantville," finished a respectable second this weekend with $6.6 million, dropping only 25 percent from its opening. "Practical Magic" also scared up solid numbers in its third weekend: $5.1 million. * Other top movies: "Antz" made $4.1 million for a total of $67.4 million, surpassing "Beavis & Butthead Do America" as the top-grossing non-Disney animated movie of all time. "Bride of Chucky" finished a close fifth with $4 million. Oprah Winfrey's "Beloved" finished in eighth place -- after "Rush Hour" and "Soldier" -- and has so far grossed a disappointing $18.6 million after 17 days, despite extensive publicity and widespread awareness.